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Second Sight/First Viewing; 2003

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Since I was 15 I completely idolized and adored Danny Buraczeski and JAZZDANCE. I love attending all different styles and genres of dance, but when I saw JAZZDANCE for the first time at O’shaugnessy I fell completely in love with jazz and all the possibilities within this incredible style of dance.

In the early winter of 2002 we were honored to have Danny Buraczeski attend one of our rehearsals to give us feedback on a new piece I was creating. At that rehearsal he invited us to be a part of Second Sight/First Viewing at the Illusion Theatre. We tried to coolly and calmly accept and as he left our rehearsal immediately erupted in cheers. One of my most cherished memories.


2nd Sight/1st Viewing  

            Curator Danny Buraczeski

Illusion Theatre 2003

EEE Company: Nicole Carder, Scott Gilbert, Bryan Godbout, Emily Kollars & Kali Neppl