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EEE's "Fragile Dreams" MN Fringe Festival 2002

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

This season marks Eclectic Edge Ensemble’s 10th season. I can not believe it! As we are busy rehearsing and working on our 10th Anniversary Concert I wanted to take time to look over EEE’s 10 year history. We have been so blessed to work with such incredible dancers, choreographers, directors, composers, musicians, designers and artists. It has been a blast watching old videos to see where EEE started to where we are now. Filled with gratitude for every single step we have taken.

In preparation for our Anniversary Concert we are making compilations of EEE’s past productions. Tune in every few days to catch a new video and post.

Since I was a young girl producing shows for my stuffed animals I knew that some day I wanted to create and direct a dance company. In 2002, after I graduated from the U of MN, I applied for the MN Fringe Festival and got in! On the application they asked for a company’s name, and there in my parents’ living room Eclectic Edge Ensemble was born. Our first production Fragile Dreams was inspired by two Salvador Dali paintings.

Fragile Dreams

MN Fringe Festival 2002

Old Arizona

EEE Company: Bryan Godbout, Emily Kollars, Jane Caplow, Kelsey Lumpkin, Kristin Feneis, Emily Hansen, Erin Lundeen, Kristin Smith, Peter Vanderford, Karis Sloss

EEE Production Team:

Artistic Director

            Karis Sloss

Costume Designer

            Dana Barnes

Light Designer

            Julia Carlis

Stage Manager

            Michael Gilb

Painting Recreations for Set

            Richard Sloss