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EEE Education + Outreach Program

As an extension of its desire to connect to audiences through the pure joy of movement, the Eclectic Edge Ensemble (EEE) is committed to increasing the accessibility of dance through a robust and diverse education and outreach program.

EEE is comprised of skilled dance educators who have many years of experience teaching a wide range of curriculum to a diverse body of students of all ages and  backgrounds. The company has a history of providing rich, valuable, high quality offerings such as classes, workshops, residencies, lecture/demonstrations, intensives and private showings.  Pre-designed curriculum is available as well as custom lessons and each offering is tailored to the needs of the audience and/or organization.  Additionally, Eclectic Edge is proud of its unique ability to fold material and topics from shows currently into production into our outreach curriculum, ensuring lessons stay fresh and continuously evolve.

EEE strives to serve students of all ages and experience with a focus on the following environments/audiences:

  • Schools: public K-12, private, magnet and arts schools, plus before/after school programs.

  • Studios: competitive or noncompetitive.

  • Community: including community centers, libraries, homeschool groups and youth organizations such as Girl Scouts.

  • Dancers and Educators: via our Jazz Intensive and open company classes.

See our Current Opportunities page for specific information on available opportunities.  For questions, additional info or to coordinate an education or outreach opportunity contact Karis Sloss at



Residencies involve a regular teaching presence over an extended period of time, like an hour class 1-3 times per week for several months, a session, a semester, etc. in any environment.


Workshops are multi-disciplinary teaching engagements that may include a broad range of related topics.  For example, a workshop could include a jazz technique class, a hands on learning activity and a nutrition discussion.  They are held for a minimum of 2 hours.


Intensives are rigorously scheduled, short-term opportunities that provide students with great depth and detail for the techniques or topics being taught.  Intensives are one to two weeks long, for 3-5 days per week with multiple hours of class each day.

Single classes

Single classes are 1 to 1.5 hours long and are available for a wide range of techniques or topics.


Lectures include 45 to 60 minutes of educational information followed by a Q&A session

Demonstrations/private showings

Company members perform current and/or repertory work by request.  Combining demonstrations with lectures (a lecture/dem) is ideal for educational presentations at schools or colleges. Eclectic Edge can also be contracted for performances at private or charitable events.

Setting new or reparatory work

Go one step further than just providing a class, workshop or intensive for your students and provide them with the unique opportunity to learn company choreography or have a new work created just for them.


The following is just a sampling of lessons and topics available:

  • Production-specific (for example, past classes have been built around topics relating to shows such as DreamScape, Lost Voices, SnowBound and more!)

  • “Jazz 101”

  • “Be the Director of Your Own Movement”

  • Master classes in Jazz

  • Technique classes in: Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop

  • Fitness classes: Yoga, Strength, Stretching

  • Topical classes in: Improvisation, Composition, Health & Wellness, Stage Make-up

For more information, contact Karis Sloss at