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Ella Suena

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

A couple of months after EEE performed Para Ti as part of Second Sight/First Viewing at the Illusion we rented Intermedia Arts and performed Ella Suena. Ella Suena brought back Fragile Dreams from the MN Fringe Festival, Para Ti and a new piece called The Words We Know…The Words We Know was the first time I was honored to collaborate with a local composer/musician; Hattie.


Ella Suena

At Intermedia Arts

July 24-26, 2003 @ 8:00 pm

EEE Company: Bryan Godbout, Emily Kollars, Kali Neppl, Kelsey Lumpkin, Kristin Feneis, Megan Gerlach, Mariah Meyer, Anna Shogren, Ann William, Karis Sloss

EEE Production Team

Artistic Director

            Karis Sloss

Costume Designer

            Dana Barnes

Light Designer

            Julia Carlis

Stage Manager

            Darcie Wade-Ferrell

Painting Recreations for Set

            Richard Sloss