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Music that Moves; MN Fringe 2006

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Music that Moves

MN Fringe Festival 2006

U of MN Rarig Center Proscenium Theatre

Friday, August 4th – 12th, 2006


This was a huge performance for Eclectic Edge Ensemble in so many countless ways. First off my father, Richard Sloss, and I took a workshop at the Hennepin Arts Center bringing together composers and choreographers. It was such an inspiring workshop for me, and also brought me together with local MN composers Warren Park and Bobb Fantauzzo. Along with my father, they created all of the music for Music that Moves.

The winter prior I was a guest choreographer for Zenon’s Scholarship Program where I created a piece that EEE would later perform entitled: “Waiting.” The best part of working with the Zenon Scholarship Program is that it brought Becky Olson and Katrina Archambault, who have been such positive, supportive and inspiring members to EEE. After finishing the piece at Zenon I held an audition for EEE where we brought such incredible dancers into the company including Allison Doughty, Erinn Liebhard and Nina Ebbighausen. These beautifully talented performers have helped mold EEE into the company it is today. I am so blessed to continue to work with you all.

Eclectic Edge Ensemble Company Members

Allison Doughty, Nina Ebbighausen, Kristin Grohs, Christa Hill, Tawny Hyster, Kelly Kane, Lydia Kantor, Erinn Liebhard, Becky Olson, Heather Parker, Lucy Rahn, Katrina Schleisman , Karis Sloss, Saskia Urbanek

Head Apprentice/Understudy:  Emily Broeker

EEE Production Team:

Artistic Director

            Karis Sloss

Costume Designer

            Dana Barnes

Light Designer

            Julia Carlis

Publicity Material Design

            Richard Sloss