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Support EEE

Show the Love to EEE Feb 12-18th!

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

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Show the love to Eclectic Edge Ensemble THIS WEEK; February 12th-18th, 2018!

This  is a pivotal time for Eclectic Edge Ensemble, and your support will help propel us forward with leaps and bounds. We are ready to keep  building momentum as we present our 15th Anniversary Concert celebrating EEE's 15 years and the history of jazz dance in MN  (July 2018 @ The Lab Theater - more info below).

Each contribution helps in a  variety of ways including: providing rehearsal space; costuming;  financial assistance for participants in our workshops or summer intensives; helps build our honorarium for our artists; and many production aspects of our shows! Thank you!    

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Show the Love to Our Students

Give $10 to help one student take an EEE jazz class
Give $20 to buy a student's ticket to our performance at the LAB

Show the Love to our Choreographers

Give $100 to help bring our out of town legendary guest choreographers here for rehearsals


Show the Love to our Dancers

Give $20 towards shoes for the dancers

Give $50 towards an EEE costume

Give $100 to help cover space rental for our show

Our Vision

Breathing life into jazz dance: EEE being one of few jazz dance companies in the Twin Cities moves the jazz tradition forward within our local community while forging our own signature style.

Musical  collaboration: An important part of EEE's vision is to encourage the  practice of collaboration, particularly between musicians and dancers.  We feel that creating dance alongside original music allows the two art  forms to merge together in the most organic way possible.

A  company that lives up to its name: We are eclectic in the make-up of our company members, in who we collaborate with, and in the original works we create. By promoting variety, we keep our performances fresh and keep  challenging ourselves artistically.

Thank you for your support during this pivotal time for EEE and please join us for our 15th Anniversary Concert, July 19-22, 2018.   

Help EEE reach our goal of $1,200! As we get closer and closer to our goal we will reveal our special EEE Thank you to all of you, our supporters and donors!