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Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Give to the Max to EEE on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16th, 2017

This year, Give to the Max Day falls on November 16th. You may also schedule your donation ahead of time, beginning on November 1st (see below for details.) Donating to EEE is simple and there is no registration necessary.

How can I make a tax-deductible donation?

1)  Visit this page and click on the “DONATE” button:

2)  “Give to the Max” day is an all day event!  Donate anytime, midnight to 11:59pm! Or you can schedule your donation to EEE ahead of time. Then you don't have to worry forgetting on November 16th. SET IT AN FORGET IT!

3)  Tax receipts from are sent to you automatically!

4)  Schedule Your Giving!  Between November 1st - 16th, 2017, you’ll be able to schedule your donations on Go to, search for 'Eclectic Edge Ensemble', and select the scheduled giving option. It’s a great way to participate if you’re out of town or like to plan ahead.

Founded in 2002 by Artistic Director Karis Sloss, Eclectic Edge Ensemble (EEE) is a contemporary jazz dance company with a diverse repertoire that collaborates with local musicians, choreographers, and other artists to create musically and theatrically inspired work. We present a fresh perspective on jazz dance in the Twin Cities by creating accessible performance experiences that connect to audiences through the joy of movement.

Our Vision

Breathing life into jazz dance: One of the only jazz dance companies in the Twin Cities, Eclectic Edge Ensemble moves the jazz tradition forward within our local dance community while forging our own signature style.

Musical collaboration: An important part of EEE's vision is to encourage the practice of collaboration, particularly between musicians and dancers. We feel that creating dance alongside original music allows the two art forms to merge together in the most organic way possible.

A company that lives up to its name: we are eclectic in the make-up of our company members, in who we collaborate with, and in the kinds of pieces we create. By promoting variety we keep our performances fresh and keep challenging ourselves artistically.

What have we done?

This year, EEE celebrates its 15th year in the Twin Cities dance community, and our sights are set high for the future. Here are a few of our accomplishments to date:

Over the past five years, EEE's outreach efforts have resulted in 19 residencies throughout the metro area, enabling us to provide a wide variety of movement-based education to students of all ages and abilities.

EEE has produced 26 concerts around the metro area.

EEE was a Sage Award winner for our production of Lost Voices in Jazz, in July of 2015!

EEE has worked with more than 60 amazing dancers!

EEE's artistic collaborations include: 15 local composers, 9 guest choreographers, Mad Munchkin Productions, musicians, and many other artistic designers.

What’s next?

Our Production Program:

EEE's 15th Anniversary Concert at The Lab Theater in Minneapolis

July 19th-22nd, 2018

This is a monumental year for EEE as we celebrate our 15th anniversary of presenting our theatrical jazz works to our community. In July we are presenting a collage of EEE company favorites and works by incredible jazz guest artists including Zoe Sealy, Karla Grotting, Cynthia Gutierrez-Garner and Danny Buraczeski. Our 15th season is highlighting not only EEE's 15 years but celebrating the history of jazz dance in MN and we're excited to share these nostalgic, complex and thought-provoking works with you!

Our Outreach Program
We are looking to expand our Outreach efforts this year, with the goal to be actively engaged with multiple dance studios, schools, community centers and/or organizations and within our local dance community through our 2017 season via classes, workshops, intensives and lectures/demonstrations.  Your donation can help us continue to extend our reach, providing valuable and necessary funding to bring movement-based education to at-risk and under-served populations.

How does your donation help?

This is a pivotal time for Eclectic Edge Ensemble, and your support will help propel us forward with leaps and bounds. We are ready to keep building on this momentum in 2017 as we jump into our 15th Anniversary Concert celebrating EEE's 15 years and  the history of jazz dance in MN (July 2018 @ The Lab Theater).

Each contribution helps in a variety of ways including: providing rehearsal space; costuming; financial assistance for participants in our workshops or summer intensives; helps build our honorarium for our artists; and many production aspects of our shows!

What People Are Saying

"Foot Flight" shines in its lighthearted approach and Sloss' willingness to take artistic license while honoring the source material's spirit. Her adaptation echoes Shakespeare's themes about human folly and uses airy dancing to set the fun-loving tone. “- Caroline Palmer, Star Tribune 7/22/16

“Extraordinary dedication to creating different mediums of visual arts and music. Amazing growth in 5 years. The sky is the limit for your dance company.” - Patron comment from survey 2016

“There aren't many dance companies whose mission it is to bring the artistic vision of one person to life. But Eclectic Edge Ensemble is such a troupe.”- Rob Hubbard, Pioneer Press 7/14/2013

“Karis Sloss…..presented new works solid in construction, technique and execution.” - Camille LeFevre, Star Tribune, 7/21/08

“Karis Sloss is determined to bring jazz dance back, front and center.”- Linda Shapiro, Citypages, 7/18/08

“As a teacher and choreographer, Karis Sloss is the "real deal" - someone with a knowledge of dance, music and theater that honors the forms' histories and moves them into the present with skill, passion and insight." - Danny Buraczeski, Twin Cities jazz dance legend