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A Peek Into 'Snowbound' Rehearsal

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Here we are again on another early Sunday morning. While many a Minneapolitian may still be sleeping, or perhaps enjoying a good cup of joe and the morning Strib, we EEE'ers are back in the studio, fixing to spend another several hours preparing a dynamite show for our audiences this February. If you haven't heard yet, EEE has a very exciting project coming up that month called Snowbound: A Journey from Winter to Spring. The show is a collaboration between us, puppet company Mad Munchkin Productions, and three local musicians:  Richard Sloss, Warren Park and Brian Erickson. Featuring blustery scenarios we long-time Minnesota dwellers can picture all too well, the show is a chance to stop in our hurried tracks and come together to consider what makes winter so frustrating and amazing.
Recently, several Sunday mornings have been dedicated to a piece called 'Melting;' the title makes the subject matter pretty easy to figure out :)   We dancers start on the floor, simulating cracking ice. Let's just say that when a dancer is asked to lay on the studio floor early on a Sunday morning, it's pretty easy to get comfortable! Yet, we cannot get too comfortable; pretty soon, the ice starts cracking and melting away into abundant Spring, which puts a certain 'bounce' in our steps. We hope to put that bounce in your step too, so mark off your calendar; Snowbound, running at the Ritz February 17-20, 2011!