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Eclectic Edge Ensemble

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way"!  Oh yes, it’s that time of year again; the time of year when all you will catch me listening to is Christmas music.  Can I just say that 107.9 is the best radio station ever… non-stop Christmas music from November 26th-December 25th.  I just love how reminiscent music can be.  Whenever I hear Mannheim Steamroller on the radio I think about my mom on Christmas day.  A few little cocktails and you will find my mom dancing away in the living room to any Mannheim Steamroller song.  As the years have gone by, I have started to partake in this fun tradition. Nothing beats dancing away with one of your best friends on a wonderful day.  I would say that I am lucky because I also get to experience that joy every Wednesday and Sunday with EEE!  As EEE gets revved up for our February show, Snowbound: A Journey from Winter to Spring, I encourage you to find the time to throw on the Christmas music, and let yourself dance.  Oh, and come check out what we have been “revving up” for in February!  I leave you now with the awesome sounds of Mannheim Steamroller.  Oh, and this video is AWESOME!