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The Artists

Get to know the Eclectic Edge Ensemble company members, apprentices, and guest artists.  Over the past 13 seasons EEE has had the privilege to work with as many as 60 different dancers and movement collaborators in our community!  

Heather Annis - Company Member

Matt Hankerson


Heather Annis  graduated from the University of MN with a BFA in dance and had the privilege to perform works by Louis Falco, Linda Talcott-Lee, and Paula Mann. She has studied dance for 25 years. Heather attended the first Jazz Symposium hosted by Danny Buraczeski at SMU, in Dallas, TX, and has had the honor to study under Zoe Sealy, Karla Grotting, and Karis Sloss. She currently teaches dance at the wonderful Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center. Heather has been dancing with EEE since 2009, and is the assistant director to the one and only Karis Sloss. She enjoys being a part of this wonderful company that is so passionate about bringing jazz to the forefront! Heather is also thankful to have such a supportive family, especially her husband Joey, and beautiful daughter Felicity!