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Karis Sloss - Artistic Director

The Artists

Get to know the Eclectic Edge Ensemble company members, apprentices, and guest artists.  Over the past 13 seasons EEE has had the privilege to work with as many as 60 different dancers and movement collaborators in our community!  

Karis Sloss - Artistic Director

Matt Hankerson

Artistic Director


Karis graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in Dance and Theatre Arts. She has been studying dance for over 30 years. Over the last 15 years, Sloss has choreographed for SteppingStone Theatre, Illusion Theatre, Children’s Theater, Project Success, University of MN Theatre Program, University of Eau Claire Dance Program, Envisions Academy, Breck High School, Saint Paul Academy, Zenon Scholarship Program and the Loring Playhouse. In 2002 Sloss formed, Eclectic Edge Ensemble (EEE), and for the past 12 years they have been producing work around the city including The Lab Theater, The Southern, The Ritz Theatre for 7 years, Intermedia Arts, Illusion Theatre, Kinetic Kitchen at Patrick’s Cabaret, Rhythmically Speaking at the Bedlum Theater, Hopkins Center for the Arts and 5 MN Fringe Festivals. Sloss is the Artistic and Executive director of Eclectic Edge Ensemble. She directs both their performance and outreach programs. Aside from working with EEE she is also a dance teacher the Assistant Director at Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center. Sloss & EEE have been awarded 11 MRAC grants to create new work for Eclectic Edge Ensemble and for their Outreach Program. She is dedicated to creating and producing works of artistic excellence through the medium of jazz dance, which has its roots planted deeply in music and theater. Sloss aims to bring jazz to the forefront of the dance community once again, as well as push the boundaries of the form itself beyond its more traditional roots.