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Silliness and Sports

Eclectic Edge Ensemble


Photo: The Week In Chess


There seems to be a special allure to being able to state that you possess talent in some kind of sporting arena, an idea that runs pretty fluidly and obviously through the Eclectic Edge Ensemble’s upcoming show, For Sport’s Sake. In all seriousness, I can certainly understand this idea – who doesn’t enjoy having obvious abilities that are easy to understand and appreciate? It’s human nature. However, that does not mean that sometimes this concept is void of occassionally producing bizarre results. Behold; Chessboxing ( Below is an excerpt from an article off ‘’;

“We were pretty sure that the end of civilization was near when we discovered Korfball. Now meet Chessboxing, which is even more pointless. It's what one might imagine — wherein opponents square off in alternate rounds of boxing and chess. Played exclusively in Europe, the sport is organized to the point where there's a world champion, and devotees claim that it's headed to the U.S., having already made inroads through — wait for it — the Wu-Tang Clan. Well, bring it on, chessboxing. We'll grind you under the heel of our future national pastime, the competitive staring contest.”

Awesome? A brand new low? That is up to you, folks. Silly? Of course. Just like our show will be. Come on out to the Ritz in July and check out our take on it!
Yours in theatrical silliness,
Erinn Liebhard