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EEE Out and About

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Starting the week of November 5th, EEE will begin outreach workshops with Main Street School of Performing Arts. Although we love producing jazz shows in the Twin Cities, Eclectic Edge Ensemble is also devoted to outreach within our local dance community and in schools all over the metro area. We are proud to be a part of arts education at Main Street School of Performing Arts.

Main Street School of Performing Arts is a tuition free public charter school for grades 9 through 12, sponsored by the University of St. Thomas, conveniently located in the heart of Hopkins. MSSPA is open to all high school students throughout the metro area and offers students an integrated program of superior academic standards and an arts-focused education. MSSPA's meets all graduation requirement of the State of Minnesota and offers Advanced Placement classes in all academic areas. MSSPA also presents students with beginning through advanced level classes in Music, Theatre and Dance not offered at all public high schools. Main Street School of Performing Arts offers smaller class sizes, greater personal attention from fully licensed instructors, guidance and counseling, special education and the fullest production schedule of any four year Arts High School in the Twin Cities.

EEE All Starz: Jeremy

Eclectic Edge Ensemble


For Sports' Sake at the Minneapolis Ritz Theater on July 15-18, 2010


Number: 110%

EEE Position: Destroyer of Worlds

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 160lbs

Birth Place: A Nordic Track

Years in Ensemble: 2nd Season

Longest Grand Jete: 10-2

Number of Years Dancing: Let’s just say my first dance class cost a nickel

Superhero Dance Power: I steal socks


Bieber Busts a Move

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Sixteen-year-old pop sensation Justin Bieber won the hearts of teen girls across the country when he was discovered on youtube and signed by Usher just this past year.  The world was soon bobbing its head along with songs like "One Time," "My World," and "Baby," and although they might not want to admit it, many people (not only teen girls) enjoyed Bieber's boyish charm and impressive voice.  It was obvious the boy could sing, but Justin Bieber now shines as a promising dancer in his new music video "Somebody to Love (Remix) ft. Usher."  Don't take my word for it! Check out the video and decide for yourself!