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EEE Company Profile: Rachel Horner

Eclectic Edge Ensemble


When did you start dancing? Started dance at 4! At the Waconia performing arts center

College Attended/Degree: U of MN BA Dance

Number of years with EEE: First year EEE

Besides your time in class and rehearsal with EEE, what are your other jobs? Dance instructor at Waconia dance arts, celebrate dance academy, freelance musical choreographer western suburbs, children's pastor, freelance performer, blog writer!

What do you love about being an EEE dancer? Positive joyful environment! I feel respected and cherished and heard! It's a beautiful community of dancers who deeply care about not only the work but those around them. Love that it's jazz!!! There are flowing magical moments and also sharp crazy ones!

As a dancer, what's something you're learning right now/ something that's inspiring you? Inspiring me right now is the art of saying no. To say yes to things I want to do and no to those that wouldn't be a good fit and would simply be too much for me to handle healthily. I'm trying to not stretch myself too thin so that I can fully be present in my jobs and in my life. With less things going on, I'm finding that I can pour out more love and more joy as I work which results in getting to enjoy my students and my colleagues instead of simply ploughing through a hectic schedule from on event to another. It has made me love to live my life and that's a precious gift to have in any season is life.

Random/fun fact about yourself: I love to travel places with only a backpack!

What music are you moving and grooving to right now: I'm loving the trolls soundtrack for using to teach my jazz and hip hop classes! dorky I know but there are some good jams on that!