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EEE Company Profile:

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Heather Annis

College Attended/Degree: I attended the University of Minnesota, and received a BFA in dance.

Number of years with EEE: I have been dancing with EEE for 7 years!

Besides your time in class and rehearsal with EEE, what are your other jobs? 

I teach dance at Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center, and take care of my beautiful daughter Felicity.

What do you love about being an EEE dancer? I love the family we are, and the beautiful friendships I've made. Karis and EEE create such a safe and loving environment. It allows me as an artist and dancer to feel confident and creative. I also really love jazz dance!

As a dancer, what's something you're learning right now/ something that's inspiring you? Right now we are in show week, so I'm really concentrated on stamina and performance quality! There are so many great characters in this show, and it is fun to figure out how they can come to life.

Random/fun fact about yourself: One of my favorite things to do is go vintage/antique shopping! I love mixing old and new pieces throughout our house!