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EEE Company Profile:

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

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Kayla Schiltgen

College Attended/Degree: University of Minnesota-TC, BA in Dance, minors in Youth Studies and Leadership

Number of years with EEE: This will be my second year dancing with EEE.  

Besides your time in class and rehearsal with EEE, what are your other jobs? 

Besides dancing with EEE I am the theater director at Mahtomedi High School. I also do choreography for several local high schools and theaters. I run a small business teaching dance to mostly first time dancers. I volunteer at the Women's Environmental Institute and Foxtail Farms. My husband, Eric, and I are in the process of starting an organic farm. 

What do you love about being an EEE dancer?

I love dancing with EEE because of the amazing people who are part of this group. They are inspiring, uplifting and kind. I am challenged in a way that makes me a better dancer. Karis nurtures this company like a family and this really provides a comfortable space to try new things, work hard, and develop as a dancer and person. On top of this I get to do jazz! I love jazz because the music gets inside me and I can't help but want to groove. It feels so good! 

As a dancer, what's something you're learning right now/ something that's inspiring you? 

Right now as a dancer I am learning to approach movement in pieces. I often times see a phrase and get so overwhelmed by the movement I start to doubt I will be able to accomplish it. I'm trying to be more gentle with myself and accept my learning process. Coming back to jazz has helped me do this. There are so many complex layers to this style and sometimes all you can do is approach one layer at a time.

Random/fun fact about yourself: 

I love animals...I have three cats and a dog. I also love cooking, being outside, and decorating.