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EEE Company Profile:


EEE Company Profile:

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Crystal Secor

College Attended/Degree:  

Bachelor of Science Kinesiology /Dance Minor from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Minnesota

Number of years with EEE:  Since 2009 

Besides your time in class and rehearsal with EEE, what are your other jobs? 

My other jobs include teaching competitive dance to kids grades 4-12 and Bar tending at a local pub called the 617 Lounge

What do you love about being an EEE dancer?  

I love the rhythmic challenges that come with being a jazz dancer, it helps me connect and hear the music in ways I didn't think possible.  But within that I also love the freedom to play and push the connection to the music, and Karis does a really great job utilizing both of those skills.  What I truly love about being an EEE dancer is the family that Karis has created.  We come together because of our passion for dance and performance and through that I feel like I have life long friends!

As a dancer, what's something you're learning right now/ something that's inspiring you? 

Something that's inspiring me now, or that I'm working on personally, is to go into the rehearsal process with ease.  Ease is a word that keeps me grounded and helps me keep an open mind as we work to develop new ideas.  It also helps me realize that as I become an older, more mature dancer, to take movement risks/challenges with ease.  Plus that word inspires me to keep the rehearsal process light and fun!

Random/fun fact about yourself: 

Two random things about me (1) I tend to fold and separate my dirty laundry, with the intention to make the laundry process easier and (2) while grocery shopping, I have a tendency to shake the items in my hand before placing them in the cart (this one my husband notices all the time!)