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A Woman's Choice; July 2008

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

A Woman’s Choice

The Ritz Theatre 2008

July 17th-19th @ 8 pm July 20th @ 2 pm

We premiered a section of A Woman’s Choice at our winter 2008 production “Shelter from the Storm.” This was the first production that EEE took a theme and then created short vignettes and movements with a satirical edge. We had a great time working on this production and finding out amongst ourselves the challenges, glories, stereotypes and laughter we all ensue as women.

Eclectic Edge Ensemble Company Members:

Emily Broeker, Desiree Dantona, Allison Doughty, Nina Ebbighausen, Kristin Grohs, Christa Anderson-Hill, Mallory Kling, Erinn Liebhard, Jennifer Mack, Becky Olson, Lucy Rahn, Katrina Schleisman, Karis Sloss, Megan Vitally

EEE Production Team:

 Artistic Director and Choreographer: 

            Karis Sloss

Stage Manager

            Sarah Salisbury

Light Designer

            Julia Carlis

Ritz  Production Manager

            Mike Grogan

Costume Designer

            Dana Barnes

Graphic Designer

            Hannah Haugberg


            Amanda Hankerson

Web Designer

            Joe Song

EEE Board

            Allison Doughty

            Becky Olson

            Erinn Liebhard

            Katrina Schleisman

Fiscal Agent

            Intermedia Arts