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Heaven at the Peacock

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Eclectic Edge has a little tradition for Friday night shows; after the lobby has cleared and the excitement of successfully getting halfway through a great weekend of shows is dimming into exhaustion, we feed our fire with the Black Bean Cake Nachos at The Peacock Lounge!

The Peacock Lounge is a classy, cozy bar and lounge attached to Erté, right across the street from the Ritz Theatre.  We all drag our costume bags and makeup-strewn faces across the street and re-energize for the second half of the weekend.  Here, we can laugh about the flubs backstage, look back on the rehearsal process that got us here, and enjoy being with the good friends we also call co-workers.

EEE has shared many good times over Black Bean Cake Nachos at The Peacock Lounge.  We highly recommend that you also experience the pure joy that comes with sharing this delicious appetizer with a good friend.

Buon Appetit!