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A tribute to Whitney

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Whitney Houston has ruled the pop charts for over a decade with songs that many of us have cranked to the max on our car ride home. She became an icon and many of her songs, including "How Will I Know" coincide so well with the sometimes confusing feelings of love that EEE investigates in its upcoming show Reeling Over Love.  Whitney Houston's untimely death is a tragedy for many including her millions of adoring fans.  Here, we'd like to pay tribute to the brilliant pop star and thank her for years of musical inspiration.

Music exec: Whitney Houston looked 'healthy and beautiful' days earlier

Beverly Hills, California (CNN) -- Two loud booms jolted awake the music industry executive in her fifth-floor room of the Beverly Hilton hotel.

The time was 3:30 p.m. Saturday. The thuds seemed to be coming from the room below. The voice of a man, loud and urgent, followed.

It was only later that she learned the news: Whitney Houston, a guest in the room below hers, had died.

Cause of death: Unclear.

Time pronounced: 3:55 p.m., February 11, 2012.

Age: A mere 48.

The shock and grief from fans worldwide was immediate: Houston's pipes and presence, her grit and glamour had made her an icon.

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