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Give to the MAX on Thursday, Nov. 15th!

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Dear EEE Fans, Friends and Followers,

 “Give to the Max” day is just around the corner, set to take place this coming Thursday, November 15!  This annual day of giving provides donors like you the opportunity to show your financial support for your top non-profits in the State of Minnesota.  Eclectic Edge Ensemble is participating again this year (through our fiscal sponsorship with Springboard for the Arts) and we HOPE you will consider giving to our company.  A few basics:


1)     “Give to the Max” is an ALL DAY event (midnight to midnight)! 

2)     Giving is EASY!  Just visit our webpage and click on the green “DONATE” button:

3)     You will automatically be sent tax receipts from to document your donation


And now for the juicy details:


Springboard for the Arts, our fiscal sponsor, has presented us with a matching donation challenge.  During the 10 am -11 am hour of giving (our “power hour”) Springboard has agreed to set aside $8,000 for matching donations! What does this mean?  This means that all Incubator organizations (groups that are currently fiscal sponsors of Springboard) will have the opportunity to compete for matching funds from Springboard based on the amount of money they raise during the power hour.  All donations made to Incubator clients (this includes us!) will be tallied during that hour and Springboard will divide the $8,000 proportionally amongst projects based on dollars raised. 


Truth be told, we will be THRILLED to receive any amount of donation from you, your family, your friends, your neighbors… but if you are able to give to EEE during the power hour, your donation will go that much further!


Another incentive:


Springboard with put aside an additional $2,000 to use as reward money for the top 5 Incubator projects.  This money will be distributed not based on the amount of money raised, but by the number of donors contributing to the cause.  So it doesn’t really matter if $10.00 is all you have to give: this small donation will put EEE in the running for a $750 first place prize; $500 second place prize; $350 third place; $250 fourth; and $150 fifth.  Any small gift can/will make a difference for EEE!


If you’re receiving this email, it’s because you’ve already shown an incredible amount of support for our company by attending performances, volunteering, donating: we simply cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done thus far.  As EEE celebrates our 10-year Anniversary, we hope that you will continue to show your generous support and consider making EEE a part of your year-end giving plan.


Please visit our page ( and remember to Give to the Max!


Many thanks.


EEE Staff and Company