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Movie Trivia Teaser

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Consider yourself a movie buff? Test your cinema knowledge here:

Q: This 2009 Best Picture nominee was the first ever to be directed by an African-American filmmaker.  Unscramble the letters below to find your answer….



Q: Which of the following people has Demi Moore not dated?

            A. Bruce Willis

            B. Tobey Maguire

            C. Emilio Estevez

            D. Charlie Sheen


Q: Who is the oldest winner of People’s Sexiest Man Alive award?

            A. Sean Connery

            B. Harrison Ford

            C. George Clooney

            D. Nick Nolte


Q: This director is best known for directing musicals like An American in Paris, Gigi, and Meet Me In St. Louis.  Unscramble the letters below to find your answer….



Think you got them all figured out? The only way to know for sure is to head to the Ritz Theatre February 16-19th for EEE’s “Reeling Over Love.” See you at the show!