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New Book on TC Jazz History

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

I had the day off Monday.

In that day, I managed to do several times one of the things I generally truly avoid: shopping. However, my first trip panned out to be quite enjoyable because it was my first stop to Garrison Keillor’s book store, Common Good Books (located just around the corner from Nina’s Coffee Shop at the corner of Selby and Western in St. Paul). I have had a gift card for the store for about two years now and finally got the chance to stop in. I am so glad I did!  The store is carefully curated just like a great visual art gallery, so you know each book is bound to hold great value.

My hands eventually found their way to this book:


Joined at the Hip, written by Jay Goetting and published by Minnesota Historical Society press just last year. I have not yet cracked the cover, but am pretty excited for when I do. I am especially grateful to have stumbled over this book on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a holiday celebrating a man who fought for the rights of black and African American people because the influence of these cultures upon music in our country was one of the most important building blocks for our jazz tradition. If you love both jazz and the Twin Cities like me, this book is likely for you.

Remember, another way to enjoy jazz is to come see the Eclectic Edge Ensemble's upcoming show Reeling Over Love, opening in just a couple short weeks on February 16th, 2012 at the Ritz in NE Minneapolis!
Groove on,