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10,000 Steps

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Hi all!

This is Megan, again.  I am writing today about a really cool initiative that the University of Minnesota has put in place, which is where I spend many of my day hours. In an effort to boost U of M workers physical activity, HealthPartners has devised an initiative called 10,000 Steps.  It is a program that guides people on how to achieve taking 10,000 steps each day!  It is really fun, and they even send you a pedometer (which is really helpful, because it is super hard to count that many steps in one day all by yourself!)  I have decided to partake in this effort and I am already realizing that I take way more steps than I thought I did.  So, health freak that I am, I'm encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy walking their 10,000 steps outside in this gorgeous Minnesota summer.  If 10,000 steps seems like too much, set a realistic goal for yourself.  Maybe it is 5,000 steps, maybe it is 1,000; whatever the number, it's still fun and good for your health.

I also encourage everyone to go get yourself a pedometer.  I just know you will be as hooked as I am to see how many steps you have taken in the day.   You might even go as far as logging your steps each day.  Once you meet your goal, treat yourself!  Buy yourself a cute outfit or a delicious piece of chocolate cake.  Maybe your reward is to come see our show in a few weeks!  We Minnesotans need to take advantage of any nice, sunny days we get.  So, get out there and walk your 10,000 steps today!