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Music Listening: Good for the Soul

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Now, as a dancer with a jazz company, it doesn't take much to convince me that listening to music is good for the soul. I am fortunate to spend quality time with music several times a week. But let's back up; what IS quality time with music? Listening in the car while on the way to work? Playing it in the background while making dinner? IS performing choreography to it spending 'quality time' with music? 

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. What's most important is that we are thinking about it enough that we choose to experience music in a way that adds quality to our lives. What is your personal relationship to music and what are the best ways you can allow it to embellish your life? Here are some interesting thoughts on those questions;

Does Anyone Really Listen to Music Anymore? (Article great McCoy Tyner)


Moving To a Different Beat (Article from Star Tribune)


How does music embellish your life? You do not need an answer to let this question benefit you. Thinking about it is a great start! 

Happy listening to you!