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Eclectic Edge Ensemble

We all have are little quirks about us; it’s what makes us unique. Well my little quirk is that I tend to be a little superstitious, but only when it comes to performing. You see, it has always been my superstition that if any of my family members come to the opening show I will forget the dance and freeze on stage! Seriously, freeze... like not moving, standing there with my jaw down, and just staring straight into the audience with a dumbfounded look that screams HELP ME! Okay, so I know that seems extremely over-dramatic and it probably will never happen, but who knows? If I say it will never happen, it will.

..Oh no, I think I need to knock on wood... Anyway, in light of Snowbound's opening night being over and the show going beautifully, I am dedicating this blog to some funny, yet outrageous superstitions in not only the theatre, but in sports and life as well. Please enjoy and have a good laugh.

1. To start, never wish someone good luck, or break a leg. It has been a theatre superstition for years.

2. In baseball, it’s bad luck to step on the chalk lines when coming on to or leaving the field.

3. Musicians say it is bad luck to practice the day before or the day of a show.

4. Many hotels find it to be bad luck to have a floor 13. Most will skip the floor, and they often don’t have an elevator button to the 13th floor.

5. Some people say it is bad luck to step on the sidewalk crack or you’ll break your mother’s back--I just had to add that one.

6. Peacock feathers on stage or in parts of the theatre are to be feared.

7. Perfect rehearsals are said to be omens of ill fortune or a short run

8. A dog eating grass brings rain

9. It is said to be unlucky to sit cross-legged when playing cards.

10. It is said that a light should always be left on in an empty theatre to ward off ghosts.

11. It is bad luck to whistle in or near a dressing room.

12. It is said good luck to make a circle with the cast of a show before any performance.

13. It is bad luck to end a blog on the 13th bullet point. Ha ha, just kidding. I couldn’t resist.