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The puppets are coming....

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Mad Munchkin and fearless leader Laura Wilhelm have been busy night and day building, creating and painting hundreds of puppets and props for their upcoming production "Snowbound" in collaboration with Eclectic Edge Ensemble.

They have been working in the studio for the past 5 weeks creating small hand-held puppets, shadow puppet sequences and giant puppets that take several puppeteers to bring to life. Every shape, style and size is included in "Snowbound," even puppets that are filled with 10 dancers!

Last week M.M. and EEE started rehearsing together and it has been amazing to see everything come to life! Up to this point both companies have been rehearsing separately, taking the time to create their parts. Now that the show is a month out, the two companies are bringing everything together. How incredible it has already been to see some of these pieces in the studio after discussing them and planning for well over a year. The show is almost complete, and I can tell you confidently that this is a show not to be missed!

~ Karis