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Spring Budding

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

"The seeds of an idea you planted long ago are about to blossom."

These are the kind words offered by a fortune cookie message that found its way to me long ago, then eventually found itself pasted to the inside of my journal to live there, meant to be dragged up and pondered when I find myself in need of a creative blossoming.

I sure hope that fortune cookie is right! Dance artists (well, artists of any medium for that matter) are under the constant need/wish/desire/expectation to develop new and inspiring ideas upon which to create. Though these sorts of ideas seem to develop themselves relatively regularly in my mind, I have been noticing across the span of several months that such ideas always hit when I am walking, out to eat, driving, running errands, watching TV and movies, chatting with friends and strangers. I was pondering this morning that all of my observations seem to be very people-driven. Noticing this, I am finding that I desire to go beyond my natural tendency to be drawn to people alone when it comes to the creation of comment through movement.

That being said, I created an inventory of recent ideas, just to see where they were coming from, and if there was indeed really a pattern. I did start to notice a key; it seems that all actions, and then I suppose general currents within the world, are created by the choices of living things. However, these actions do move beyond them, and their widespread affects become their own concepts. Therefore, it is indeed true that everything I notice seems to be "about people," but at the same time, people are just one part in a chain of ideas, depending upon what you prefer to focus upon within a given concept.

Within all this musing, the important thing to remember is that there is always a process (accompanied by some time) to get toward a solid and rich idea, all of which becomes worthwhile when one finds an engaging way to present it. It is this puzzled process that keeps us creators of dance interested, happy and satisfied! Cheers to active pondering.

Happy Spring!