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Musings of a Non-Dancer

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

So let me preface this blog entry by stating: “I am not a dancer.” I have been cursed with the life-long illnesses of “klutz-itis” and “graceless-emia”. I dreaded high school dances for fear of making a complete idiot myself by tripping over my own feet, or worse yet—actually being asked to dance by a cute boy and then stepping (or should I say stomping) on his toes. Plus, I always moved so awkwardly that I felt I looked like a hippo on roller skates. Then came my college life where I avoided dances at all costs. Although tragically, my sophomore year I was cast in the chorus of Oklahoma! What a nightmare! I spent many of those rehearsals with ice packs on my ankles or head from being dropped. (To my defense, I believe my partner was just as klutzy as I am.)

So, why is a life-long, non-dancer involved with a dance company, you might ask? I have to admit that it wasn’t until meeting Karis and getting involved with Eclectic Edge Ensemble that I began to truly appreciate the art of dance. While dancing has not been a God-given gift of mine, I still love to watch people dance. I am amazed at how a good dancer can make the most complicated movements look effortless and easy.  In fact, I think it is the truly great dancers that make me think…”well, I can do that.” Even though I very well know that any attempt of that feat on my part would only end in injury or humiliation.

So, while I might not know the difference between a jete and a glissade (yes, I did just have to google “dance terms” to help me with this sentence), I can still appreciate the beauty of dance. This makes me believe that if given the opportunity, everyone can learn this appreciation. And who knows….maybe the next step for me is to try once again to dance in public…but I’m not so sure anyone is ready for that.

Thank you for reading my musings.

Emily Kramer
the “gracefully-challenged” EEE board member