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Jazz hands across the world

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Sawat- dee-ka!

I had the amazingly fortunate opportunity to live, teach and choreograph dance in Chiang Mai, Thailand this past year. In a land where I didn't speak the language, stood out like a sore thumb with my fair skin and hair, and was constantly making social blunders, being in a dance studio was a welcomed relief. It turns out, dance really is universal. While many students understood my English, many others did not, and so it would go that we would use our bodies to communicate. What an awesome way to come together with those who are so different from ourselves. 

I was blessed with the opportunity to choreograph for Chiang Mai Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty. May I just say that when tech week came and I went to the theater for the first time for rehearsal, I was almost overcome with emotion. Turns out, theaters on the other side of the world smell and look exactly like they do here. It was in that moment that I finally felt I had a place in beautiful SE Asia. 

Chok dee,


Enjoy some pictures from the production!


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