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And Your Name Will Be...

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

Naming a piece, be it the title of a little jig, epic 30 minute saga or the one thing that needs to encompass your entire show, is a quite difficult task. Sometimes they just jump in your head and you know it is perfect. I enjoy when that sweating, loss of sleep. The name just comes to you, and you feel like it is a perfect fit. Well, that is not always the case.

Sometimes it takes days, weeks, or as in this case months. I find myselfasking everyone I know for their suggestions. This can be from family members, friends and co-workers to waiters, cashiers and even my dentist, for their thoughts on titles. For some reason it just needs this much research. Well at least I am getting better at giving the 30 second synopsis of our summer show. I will quickly explain what the piece is about, what music we are using, and then ask people their thoughts on a title. This has proven to be very helpful in the past if my brain becomes road blocked on a title.

Or maybe sometimes you just need a vacation. Maybe you need to feel some sunshine on your face, and a cool breeze of relaxation to clear all of the past thoughts and doubts. Just some time to breathe, and not be running from one job to the next. That’s it a vacation is a must! I wonder if there is some way to work that into proposals...a needed getaway for creative rejuvenation. I highly recommend it. Now I feel ready to tackle new pieces, and have come up with ideas that I am really excited about. I think it is important for everyone to just take some time to refuel; otherwise you get to a point when you are running on empty.

So here is the title: “Reeling over Love.” It is gong to be a fun show, and I hope to see you all there. MN Ritz Theatre July 16th-19th, 2009!