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And We Are Back

Eclectic Edge Ensemble

This morning we returned back to rehearsal. EEE typically takes August and September off to rest, recoup and start plans for the following season. This year is going to be jammed packed and it will all culminate with our return to the Minneapolis Ritz Theatre July 15th – 18th, 2010, with sneak peaks available throughout the year.

It is true that as we returned to rehearsal in October that most of us had to drive through snow, which was a little strange. Even though it was freezing outside it was so wonderful to be back in a warm studio dancing with the EEE dancers. We have two new wonderful additions to our group. Both Vanessa and Sarah were thrown in to a full day of rehearsal and did a fabulous job.

The two pieces we started this morning were a ton of fun to watch unfold in the studio. One is about getting yourself in situations where you keep putting your foot in your mouth. For a split moment you may feel so incredibly cool, but in the end things come out of your mouth, that proves the opposite. The other one will be our first attempt to do a full piece, jumping, turning and throwing our bodies around in high heels. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

I never know as I dance around in my living room what will work and what just looks good in my head. I will listen to a piece of music over and over, and just see the images unfold in front of me. It is exciting to put those ideas on our dancers and see where they will take it.

This year we will be working on four new pieces including a chance to work with jazz legend Zoe Sealy. What a dream come true! We will also be working on a piece that will test whether sports have the power to solve all of the world’s problems. Any thoughts out there on that?

So we are back! Check back often as I, dancers and members of the EEE Arts Advisory board blog about our experiences.