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A word from our Dancers

On an evening of an EEE show, the Ritz Theater is always abuzz.  Dancers race around backstage to prepare their minds and bodies for a big night of performing.  Each dancer seems to follow their own unique set of rituals to ensure that they dance their best.  Here is a peek into what some EEE dancers do pre-show:

“-Roll my feet out on the little green ball
 -run around/ groove after the stretch section of the warm-up
 - Eat too much Target Brand Zen-Mix
 - Wait to go to the bathroom until 2 minutes before show
 - Stand really close to a stage curtain with my eye closed, let my brain clear, and open my eyes into the blank, black curtain to clear my head and reset myself, in order to be my character on stage!”
~Erin Liebhard
“Lets see, I start by getting to the theater extra early, to get a good spot and organize my costumes ect.  I always arrange my costumes in order of the show.  Before getting to the theater I usually get my make-up done at home so all that is left to do is hair, which I usually have someone help me with!  Then I graze by the fabulous snack area Karis provides to get some last minute carbs!  Once all my things are in place I head on stage to get myself centered by doing some relaxation and breathing exercises.  I do a bit of warming up my spine and do some core work to really build up the body heat.  By that time we begin EEE company warm up andget into the space dancing with each other.  The music always gets me excited and ready to perform!!  Once warm up is completed I take some time onstage to go through each piece, reviewing parts that may be giving me trouble so that I feel comfortable once the show begins.  And this is where I get a bit superstitious - I will usually do the exact same set of movements before each show, in the same order!!  Once I feel I've got my legs underneath me and my body is warmed up I make one last trip to the dressing room to put the finishing touches on make up and put that first costume on!  (oh yeah, one thing I'm not supposed to do is peek in the audience but I can't help myself - always gotta peek!!)”
~Crystal Pelletier
“Eliminate sugar and see the chiropractor!!”
~Allison Doughty Marqueson
“I try to nap before a show, if I have time.  Usually I’m beat from Tech and Dress rehearsals, so this energizes me.  But it also helps calm my nerves. I also try to eat a mix of carbs and protein before a show, and I hydrate well.  I try to avoid coffee, since I don’t need to be any more hyper than my nervousness already makes me. Finally, I mark through ALL the material in some way before the performance, especially practicing the “sticky” parts”
~Nina Ebbighausen
“I drink a boatload of water the week of tech/dress/shows”
~ Desiree Dantona
“Pre-show rituals...all about keeping the bod warm:
-Hot shower before theatre call
-Usually same pants to warm up in on show days...not b/c of superstition but b/c they are my warmest
-Leg warmers a must
-ALWAYS attend pre-show warm-up...sometimes hot coffee on the way to the theatre is one of my favorite things!
-Icy Hot on tight calf muscles then leg warmers over until curtain call
-Apply special oil on chest right before curtain call...keeps me calm.”
~Susanne Grochett.


This performance is made possible, in part, by MRAC and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4th, 2008